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How to Use Sexual Communication to Attract Women

Why is sexual communication important?
Attracting women with sexual communication

Inner and Outer Persona of Sexual Communication

It takes a much trained and experienced eye to catch Sexual Communication in action. 

I'd wager that it is going on all around you, at school, at work, the laundry, the post office--basically anywhere males and females are present.

Sexual Communication is so simple that any one too involved in normal conversation, will easily overlook it. But one of the things that make Sexual Communication so complex is that most people do it, but really have no idea of their actions.

Have you ever known a guy so average in the looks department, but excelled at picking up women? Sure you have, I'm sure all of us guys know at least a couple of guys who can pick up women with relative ease.

What's their secret, how do they do that..?! The funny thing is that most guys aren't even aware of how they're doing it.

The guys, who actually are aware, do not understand the core reasons why it works so well. There are essentially two layers of the human persona that drive us:

Outer Persona(social persona) There's the outer persona that we have cultivated all our lives to fit social situations. This outer persona, better known as the "social persona" is presented to other people, mostly strangers we're not too familiar with.

Think of this social persona as a shield against embarrassment, humiliation from people that might laugh at us or belittle us in some way.

This social persona follows a set of social rules to protect the "inner-self" which also can be referred to as the "inner persona".

Inner Persona(inner-self) This inner persona is responsible for all of our desires. Such needs as air, food, water, acceptance and most notarized... SEX.

The inner-self comes hardwired into our brains, it's a constant. Sexual Communication is about breaking through the outer persona, and getting straight to the inner persona.

If you use Sexual Communication the correct way, women will become sexually attracted, even if they had no romantic intentions for you.

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Attraction is not Based on Logic

You must also understand that attraction is based on emotion, not so much logic. Let me give you an example that you might be too familiar with:

Have you ever had a woman you were trying to become an item with, or just trying to save a relationship from ending?

Keep in mind that you're so overwhelmingly smitten with this certain woman, you'll ramble anything to try and save it.

You start using the logic side of your brain, explaining to her all the logical reasons why things should progress or reasons why things should work out. But it all ends the same doesn't it..?

How to use sexual communication

The more you try and reason with her, the more distant she gets. One lesson you should take to heart, when it comes to attraction, women will throw logic to the wind.

To exercise Sexual Communication properly, you must have this mindset that when it comes to women, logic is a dull weapon.

I believe that everyone is born with the innate ability to communicate in a way that will have women feel sexual attraction within minutes of contact.

But in these days of society, culture, religion, it has been buried deep within us. Almost to the point where we are strangers to our own natural abilities.

This section is also about unlocking this deep, hidden potential. This naturally sexual magnetism is in us all. These are the basic steps of Sexual Communication.

1. The initial encounter [approaching women] When you approach a woman you're interested, you approach with a great, what ever happens-happens mindset. You have the "who cares" attitude brimming. You hold the eye contact without looking away. The confidence of your body language is irresistible. In short, you walk with no fears, and no expectations.

2. The initial opening[conversation] You speak in a voice tone that demands attention, and whatever you say seems to go straight to her core, reaching her in places men not even dare. You communicate in a way so different from the rest of the men that approach her on a daily basis. Men that say the same things, with the same shaky, nervous demeanor. You're cocky AND funny.

You say things that she does not expect, but you also make her laugh out loud. You know that the initial opening shouldn't be too long, or you risk losing the prospect. So you move in for the "closer".

3. The closing [ending the interaction first] You look at your watch, and pause but for a moment. You say "Well I have to get going" or somewhere along those lines. You turn and slowly walk away. You give her the 3 second rule to stop you and ask for your number.

But if she does not for some reason, you know you'll go to plan B. Plan B is to turn after the 3 second grace period and say "Hey, do you have e-mail..?"

As she writes down her e-mail for you, you also use the "might-as-well write-your-number-down-too".

Considering you know it's natural for someone already writing down e-mail to write their number down as well.

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Confidence and Humor to Attract Women

Simply put, Confidence AND humor are what successful Sexual Communication is mainly about. Remember guys, confidence AND humor, I couldn't emphasize the "AND" enough.

You MUST be cocky AND funny. One without the other is just not enough. If you're too funny and have no confidence, you're just plain goofy. If you're cocky and NOT funny, you come off as an arrogant, snobby prick.

Being cocky and funny to attract women
Let's take a look at an example of Cocky & Funny (confidence & humor):

This is a true story by the way, from yours truly. I was at a Safeway and I had just finished using one of those CoinStar machines, so I took the receipt and was in line to collect my money. As I stood there in line, I noticed the cashier was a lovely female, she seemed VERY stressed.

So already she has her "shields" up. A guy about my age in line ahead of me was so nervous he kept fiddling with his keys (an obvious sign of nervousness) 

There was no way this guy wasn't interested in her. All the signs were there that he wanted to talk more about just what he was buying and how to pay for it.

But of course he fought with his own doubts, collected his balls and change and left without even trying. Shame huh? As I made eye contact with her, I held it until she looked away first. 

This somehow stunned her; I suppose no guy has ever showed such confidence as to look at her without flinching. This somewhat lowered her defenses quite a bit... She gave me a warm smile and greeting "How are ya today"?

Without a smile or smirk, I said in a cocky-confident tone, "You can change this for me, it's from your slot-machine over there Motioning towards the Coinstar machine that changed my coins. 

This simple, cocky-toned, funny comment just lit her eyes up. I knew what she was feeling and what she was thinking. 

It was clear she was attracted, it was also clear what she was thinking: THIS GUY IS DIFFERENT!!!

Before I left, I asked her for her phone#, she couldn't have given it to me faster. Before she whipped out her pen, I also decided to leave an imprint for her. 

I batted away her pen and gave her my cell phone, and told her to punch in her number herself, and said something like, "Here, just put your number in, because I might just throw the paper away, but hurry, I'm in a rush". 

Needless to say, this left a definite impression.

Perfect example of cocky & funny in a situation where nothing else would have worked. It's a form of flirting that 85% of male population still does not understand. This is another advantage to all that are reading this now. 

Trust me when I tell you that women are searching, hoping that the 5-15% of males who "get it" will come into their lives and sweep them off their feet.

Learning how to use sexual communication is integral to attracting women. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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