Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Impress a Woman on a First Date

If you’re on a first date, it’s actually quite simple to impress a woman simply by treating her like any person you’ve just met.  

Ways to impress women
Impressing a woman on a first date
Most first dates that end badly are due to a man’s insatiable need to ruin things. Much like many mistakes men can make while on dates, they don’t have to happen.

Most women don’t expect to be wowed or impressed by you, they’re just expecting to get to know the person they’re on the date with, plain and simple.  

By chance if they are impressed, consider that as a bonus.  Men get into trouble when they try too hard to paint the image of what they believe the women want to see, which is a terrible idea.

Things to avoid if you want to impress a woman on a first date:

  • Don’t argue with a woman, have spirited debates that flows and ends respectfully, but shouting and arguments aren’t conducive to a successful first date. 
  • Respect a woman’s personal space, until you receive clear signs of interest, even then, proceed slowly and with extreme caution.
  • Be yourself, just not too much.  Meaning you should never give away too much too soon to a woman on a first date.  First dates are for fun and small talk, and if you’re lucky, some flirting.
  • Strive to be a challenge to women, hold back any feelings that might be bubbling inside, ready to spill out.
Slow down and let things develop naturally, don’t force things.  Additionally, I can't stress enough the fact that one should never crowd a woman physically, that is always unacceptable.

Simple Ways to Impress a Woman on a First Date

Basically, it’s mostly not what you do, but what you do not do to impress a woman on a first date. Men have this crazy notion that if they just put on a good show, they will win the affections of a woman. 

The truth is women aren’t looking for a show, they’re looking for someone they can genuinely connect with, women want the truth. 

Instead of working on a facade that you might think will impress a woman on a first date, isn’t more worthy of your time to find a woman that will be attracted to the “real you”? 

Being yourself saves you both time from investing in a fallacy, that will most likely end in a non-compatibility. In my personal experience, women will respect a man that presents himself openly, and without fear of judgement. 

They will view you as genuine, confident, and someone they can at the very least, be friends with–additionally, introduce you to their girlfriends, leading to more first dates

trying to impress a woman
Impressing women on the first date
Men should also keep in mind that, most first dates won’t lead to second dates, for a plethora of reasons. There is no room for hurt feelings from perceived rejections in successful dating

Men that have bad first dates tend to forgo dating altogether, which is only counter productive and self destructive, in my opinion. Here is the real secret into impressing a woman on a first date..

Don't try to impress them at all, because a woman that is worth all that trouble will see right through it, anyway.  Most women are use to men trying to impress them, take a more relaxed stance, it will do wonders. Please feel free to share this article with friends, and you're most welcomed to follow me!

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