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How to Have a Good First Date with a Woman

The majority of first dates usually do not go too well for many different reasons, that are out of our control. But there are a few things men can do to ensure it can go as well as it possibly can.. 

better first dates with women
Have better first dates with women
How does one have a good first date with a woman? Learning and applying particular behavioral changes, generally will be the deciding factor in having a second date.

Women are very observant, most women will sum you up, by face value, within five minutes. 

Sometimes even less. Within this article, I'll be going over some mistakes men can repeatedly make on first dates.


How to Prepare for a First Date


Let’s not sugarcoat things. Dating can be a very unpleasant and uneasy experience. But it’s doesn’t have to be that way. Actually, it’s not supposed to be that way, not one bit.

First dates should be exciting, thought provoking, and something to look forward to, ideally. Here in this section, we will be discussing certain behavior that will aid you in breaking down barriers many women harbor with them.

Have you ever met a woman that just didn’t make any sense to you..? She had that indefinable ability to just get under your skin and drive you insane. It felt as if she were in control right?

Let me fill you in on this matter, women love doing this. They love to see a guy squirm with uncertainty, and just lose his control. Let’s discuss how we can keep the control in your hands.

If the control is in her hands, then you have a very slim chance with her on a romantic level. Here is a basic technique that is simple, yet works best when applied at the right times.

Such as a club setting, or even a date. It may have been around for a while now, but “playing hard to get” still works. But you’ve got to know when to apply it.

One way to do this right is to not give her too much attention. Too much attention from you will make her develop preconceptions about you. 

First impressions are of paramount importance on a first date. Take a good amount of time to get ready, make sure you're dressed appropriately for the date, depending on where you plan to go and do.

Have good first dates
Have better first dates

How to act on a First Date for Guys


Not giving too much away (Being Mysterious) Let’s say you’re on a first date with a woman and she starts asking you a line of questions.

Never answer any question directly, always give a vague answer that could mean anything. Give her a cocky, smart-ass answer and switch subjects smoothly. Do not give too much away, be mysterious, somewhat.

Hold back on your life story, women do not want to hear everything on the first couple of dates, especially not on the first. Keep up the cocky attitude, and find the weak spots to make her laugh at will.

The concept of this strategy is to be different. Always end the date first--this is quite an important step. By ending the date first, you assume the control of the dating pace.

If she was having a great time with you she will not want the date to end. But stand firm, tell her you have something to take care of, and that it’s important.

This makes you look responsible, and that you’re a man with convictions. Also that she’s not your priority just after the first date. Most guys will blow it and stretch the date out as long as possible. Terrible idea.

Being Yourself on a First Date


If you happen to converse over the phone or text talking about phone calls, you should also try to end all phone conversations.
The first couple of weeks you should try and refrain from calling her too much. I recommend no more than 1-2 calls a week, no more than 5-10 minutes a call.
Try to wait for a good break in the conversation, proceed to make her laugh, then end the conversation. This simple technique sends all the right messages:
  • That you actually have your own life, with other things going on besides her.
  • That she's not exactly a priority to you yet, further reinforcing that you have standards.
  • That you're not a clingy creeper, when you seem a little too interested, and a little too early, It generally will raise red flags for a woman.
  •  Leaves an air of mystery about you. Women want to take their time in getting to know someone. So, learn to slow down, and take things at a steady, natural pace.

If she genuinely enjoys your company, then this will leave her wanting more. Not all dates go well, and sometimes there's nothing you can do, no matter what you know and how you behave.
Now at this point you should have a firm grasp of what to do, and why it's important.
You should really consider using these techniques with proper amount of tact. Keep in mind that all women aren't the same, so don't expect the same results from date to date.
It varies on the individual. You know what they say, ”Use good judgment when judging others”.
I can't stress this enough, if you're observant and notice things are going great no matter what you say and how you act, then by all means go with the flow of the date.
It's always safer to let her dictate the pace of progression. You should always take dating advice with a grain of salt.



What Impresses a Woman on the First Date?

Try this when in doubt; give her your full attention for about a minute or two, next, just ignore her for the next ten minutes. You can be bold and even walk away from her for a while.
This technique works wonders on a date. If you're out with a girl, do not hang on her every movement. For example, if you're out shopping together in a mall on your first date.

Give your first date space
First date personal space
Wander away from her for a while, make an effort not to relentlessly glance back at her. Just pretend she's a friend just tagging along with you.

Remember to keep the "whatever happens-happens" mentality. If you take things too seriously, then it will reflect on your behavior, even if you're trying your best to keep it hidden.

Quality women want a challenge, if you act too friendly it will inevitably come off as clingy/needy.If a woman knows she has you wrapped around her finger, then obviously you're not a challenge anymore.
Remember that it's human nature to get bored with things we can effortlessly attain, we're completely fixated on things that are out of reach.
That's why if she likes you, and then you systematically play hard to get from time to time, it will keep her interested. This technique works on strict guidelines of time.
You have to know when to use it at effective moments, and when to hold off when it might do more harm than good. There's no substitute for good judgement.
Golden rule of a first date, always respect your date's personal space. A woman that is worth going out with will want to take things slow. It's a huge turn off for a woman that feels the man is physically impatient.
She will either be assuming that you have ulterior motives for the date, or she'll think you're too eager, or even that you're simply a desperate creep.

I hope this sheds some light on how to have a good first date with a woman. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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