Using Confidence and Humor to Attract Women

what attracts women
what do women find attractive
Simply put, confidence AND humor are what Sexual Communication is mainly about.

Remember guys, confidence AND humor, I couldn't emphasize the "AND" enough. You MUST be cocky AND funny. 

One without the other is just not enough. If you're too funny and have no confidence, you're just plain goofy. If you're cocky and NOT funny, you come off as an arrogant, snobby prick.

What Attracts a Woman to a Man


Let's take a look at an example of Cocky & Funny (confidence & humor):

This is a true story by the way, from yours truly. I was at a Safeway and I had just finished using one of those CoinStar machines, so I took the receipt and was in line to collect my money. As I stood there in line, I noticed the cashier was a lovely female, she seemed very stressed.

So already she has her "shields" up. A guy about my age in line ahead of me was so nervous he kept fiddling with his keys (an obvious sign of nervousness) There was no way this guy wasn't interested in her. All the signs were there that he wanted to talk more about just what he was buying and how to pay for it.

But of course he fought with his own doubts, collected his balls and change and left without even trying. Shame huh? As I made eye contact with her, I held it until she looked away first. This somehow stunned her. I guess no guy has ever showed such confidence as to look at her without flinching.

This somewhat lowered her defenses quite a bit... She gave me a warm smile and greeting "How are ya today"?

Without a smile or smirk, I said in a cocky-confident tone, "You can change this for me, it's from your slot-machine over there Motioning towards the Coinstar machine that changed my coins.

This simple, cocky-toned, funny comment just lit her eyes up. I knew what she was feeling and what she was thinking. It was clear she was attracted, it was also clear what she was thinking: THIS GUY IS DIFFERENT!!!

Before I left, I asked her for her phone#, she couldn't have given it to me faster. Before she whipped out her pen, I also decided to leave an imprint for her. 

I batted away her pen and gave her my cell phone, and told her to punch in her number herself, and said something like, "Here, just put your number in, because I might just throw the paper away, but hurry, I'm in a rush". Needless to say, this left a definite impression.

Perfect example of cocky & funny in a situation where nothing else would have worked. It's a form of flirting that 85% of male population still does not understand. This is another advantage to all that are reading this now. 

Trust me when I tell you that women are searching, hoping that the 5-15% of males who "get it" will come into their lives and sweep them off their feet.

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