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When is the Best Time to Call a Woman Back

We've all heard the advice, not to call back a woman too soon, in the efforts of not appearing too eager.  It comes off as needy, and in the greater scheme of things, a little desperate.  And desperation has never been attractive to anyone I would imagine.  

The proper time to call back a woman is greatly dependent on how strong a connection you had with a woman. The stronger the connection, the sooner you should call or text a woman back.

When to Call Women Back
How to text women
Most people nowadays, will utilize text, because it's a more passive way to initiate further communication, without  the chance to be directly rejected.  Simply put, it's emotionally a safer way.

But some women still prefer a phone call, in this case one should use their best judgment. Wait too long to call a woman back and playing it cool can actually backfire. So, calling a girl the very next day after meeting is a better bet these days.  

But remember to keep it simple and don't drone on about anything. Especially anything too personal, or too heavy hearted.  A potential blossoming relationship should be nurtured slowly, and with a light heart.

When is the Best Time to Call a Woman 


I, personally would never call a woman before noon. Generally, the best time to call a woman back is in the late afternoon.  Most women are free during those hours, at least for a 5 minute conversation.  It also leaves the evening for her to "call you back", if she isn't free to talk when you do call. 

Usually, you don't want to let the conversation go on too long.  You want a woman to get the impression you have your own life, and have other things going on. But as mentioned before, every situation and every woman is different, and painting all women with the same brush is ill-advised. 

The more interest a woman seems to be showing, the more attention you can safely show in return is a good rule of thumb. The less interest she seems to display, the slower you should take things, and the more aloof you should act. It's just human nature to want things we perceive are out of our immediate reach.

Therefore, when a woman is bombarded with adoration and attention, they tend to lose interest.  What you want to achieve when calling a woman for the first time is to establish an easy-going, polite follow up on your first encounter.  

One wants to transition smoothly from one interaction to the next. Think of it like building a fire, you have to proceed slowly, and with great care.

How to talk to women
How to talk to women

What to Talk About with Women

Most of the time, women really just want to talk, especially about themselves.  Learn to sit back a little, be patient and actually just listen to what they're saying. Have an opinion, and practice reflecting thought provoking replies to further build attraction. Women love a guy that can hold a conversation and be insightful in the things they have passion for.

To sum it all up, if a woman really likes you, she'll want you to call her within five minutes.  It could be for a thousand different reasons why a woman would like you, but usually it's because she is visually attracted to you. 

Don't let anyone fool you, life is a beauty pageant, for the most part. I'm not saying that a woman can't be attracted for different reasons, but physical attraction is a huge factor. You think it's an accident that the most good looking people get the best jobs and perks in life? 

I'm lucky to be around a lot of attractive women, and you can bet they never get speeding tickets!  Granted, having a great personality might get you out a ticket as well, but I'd say a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes would let you get a away with murder. 

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