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The Qualities Women Look for in Men

What are the qualities women look for in men they want to date? There's really no absolute statement one can make on the matter, all women are different and should not be painted with the same brush. 

Not every single woman will have the same preferences. There's no certainty in success when approaching or pursuing any woman, period.

But there is a standard formula of character traits and mannerism, and that can make the thin difference between failure or success.

In the world of attracting and dating women, confidence is king.

Women want men with confidence

Have Confidence in Yourself - Women Crave men with Confidence

It has been the the attraction bed-stone that has been relevant for millions of years, up to this very day.

It's also next to impossible to hurt your chances when it comes attracting women and keep them romantically interested in you.

It's a daunting task to initiate conversations and banter with a woman, but if you're not even trying, you have to admit to yourself that there's a problem.

If you have problems with self esteem and maybe you're even a little awkward in social situations, doesn't mean you should sit by, while life is slowly getting away from you, life isn't a spectator sport.

Every person you decide not to talk to, every girl you don't try with, you're in essence writing the script of your life.  

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Here a few ways to start boosting your self esteem and ultimately, your confidence in interacting with more women.

  • Consider getting a new wardrobe, dressing with a little more flair, often a complete change in clothes and style will make you feel better with your image. With one small improvement in self worth, you'll be more motivated to keep improving. Life isn't about perfection, it's about improvement.
  • Be mindful of the body language you're giving off, everyone has some degree of skill in reading body language, it's not difficult to tell when someone is unhappy, excited, or uncomfortable. Being comfortable, and looking it and important in exuding confidence.
  • Be more assertive. You need to speak up if you expect to be heard, or you if you feel your opinion should matter. Learn to naturally assert your opinion into a conversation, contribute to it, cause the fact is, the friends you have, the more opportunities there will be to connect to a woman.

These are the primary qualities women look for in men. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

Calling a Woman and Asking her Out After Getting her Number

How to talk to a woman on the phone
How to get a woman's number
This post is about calling a woman and asking her out, after getting her number. Women don't generally hand out their number, without good cause or reason. 

Women in this day and age are more weary of men and their intentions.

Time's have changed and it one can't adapt to the new dating scene, one will not thrive or have success with women.

Also, the fact that even if a woman did give you her number, there's no guarantee that she's ever going to pick up when you call, let alone be interested in dating you. Being handed a way to contact a woman again is just the first hurdle among many.


Getting a Woman's Number isn't Easy

After successfully charming a woman to give out her phone number, the next step is incredibly important and will set the tone for failure or the possibility of a first date and ultimately connecting with a woman you're romantically interested it. 

Sometimes women will be in a different state of mind when you contact them, maybe she won't be as social or friendly, you just never know.

Good rule of thumb is to not have high hopes or expectations, yes I said NOT to have wild expectations.

Having expectations will inevitably make you seem too eager, and eagerness to a woman will be translated into desperation. 

If you're reeking of desperation, it's like a repellent for quality, worthwhile women. It's very important to build attraction with her early and set a tone that you're not in a rush to date. 

Things never to say or do when talking to a woman to ask her out..

  • Don't show too much interest, unless the woman displays interest in you first.
  • Don't call a woman too often, if she fails to answer, leave a quick message, and give her a sufficient amount of time to get back to you. Under no circumstances call a multitudes of times in one day.
  • Do not be disrespectful, no woman anywhere appreciates feeling disrespected.
  • Don't ask for a date right away, talk first, get to know her. Then when you're a having a good moment in the conversation, that is the time to strike.
  • Do not be too timid, women like a guy with a little backbone. If she senses weakness in you, it will greatly hamper your chances of getting past the first phone call with her.
  • Keep the conversation light, and fun. Women don't want to talk about something serious with someone they just met and barely even know.
  • If a woman is busy, or has to get off the phone, respect that, and give a woman her space.

If you do get to a first date, try to keep in mind that women want things to develop naturally, don't try to push things faster than she's willing to go, keep a slow and steady pace.

Women will respect you more for not being in a rush, and will take it as a sign of a guy with options.

Calling a woman and asking her out after getting her number should be exciting, not stressful. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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