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How to Deal with Rejection From Women

A consensus would agree that a large percentage of men, more or less, are failures when it comes to women. Let’s talk about what initially comes to mind when we think about failure with women.

how to overcome rejection
how to overcome fear of rejection
Does it have anything to do with the way one looks, the way one talks, walks, presents oneself..? The answer would be YES, and an astounding NO.

It all depends on what the individual thinks of himself and how he projects his self-image to the rest of the world. The theory is that the way you feel about yourself, will reflect on your success (or lack thereof) to other aspects of your life. 

Such as; relationships with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, a waitress, and of course women you’re interested in.

But of course the exception to every rule will contradict almost any theory. Meaning sometimes women will reject purely on how you walk, talk, present yourself, and anything else that falls under practicality.

This is reality. No man has a 100% consistency when it comes to success with women. This rings true on so many different levels, so many different factors and variables too numerous to even mention.

But for the sake of example, maybe she’s a lesbian, married, has a bad history with men, or just not interested for about a thousand other plausible reasons.

best dating serviceThe point is, you will encounter rejection no matter how smooth you are and how much knowledge you possess. Also, looks, money, and height are helpful but far from a rejection safeguard.

Any successful person in life will tell you that they have failed as much as they’ve succeeded. Do not despair, I’m only telling you the truth about how life works for everyone.

Some men could thrive at business, but become clueless when they are thrown into a social situation with any attractive female. Of course it works vise-verse. But this does not mean you shouldn’t do all you can to be the best person you can.

Hopefully everyone reading now will already have a good concept of failure, and how it’s essential to life. What would life be if there were no failures or we never had to fail before we succeed?

I’m guessing we would not have the desire or appreciation we have for success. Think about it.

Here's an example how the Fear Of Rejection can affect us..

how to get over rejection
men fear rejection from women
It’s a sunny afternoon, you’re sitting with a friend at a coffee house just chatting away. You glance over as the door to the coffee place swings open. A young woman enters that is breathtaking.

She seems to be in a bit of a rush, dashes right to the counter, and belts out her drink preference. All male eyes in the joint are on her.

You play with the thoughts of approaching her and hitting off to the point of winning her number. You know that every minute that goes by is another minute loss in reaching the objective at hand. You think and you think, and think some more.

You can feel that pit in your stomach, that fear that only a woman can induce. You think of all the reasons NOT to go up to her. You think of how the rejection might look to your friend, to the guy at the counter, and anybody in earshot.

In short, your mind talks you out of doing something that could've resulted in anything your imagination can conjure.

She walks out as quickly as she entered. You blew it. Why? THE FEAR OF REJECTION.

Let's take a realistic look at what could've happened if you ignored the self-doubt and just "went for it". Excluding how you approached her, or what you said. This is just an example:

She says "Sorry, I have a Boyfriend." Likely, but far from embarrassing.

She says "Sorry, I'm not dating right now.." Most likely she's just not interested, still not too bad. 

She ignores you. Not very likely to happen, unless you somehow said something so offensive it would warrant such behavior.

She's friendly, and by the end writes down her number. You just got over the first and most stressful hurdle.  

The fact of the matter is that the worst things that could happen, rarely or never really happen. Simply put, it's all in your head.


How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

About 95% of women you'll approach will be friendly, and if possible will let you down gently. Let's just weigh what you're really risking by approaching her, with the positive outcome of what might happen.

dealing with rejection
ways to overcome fear of rejection
First of all, you should always approach a woman with the attitude of what ever happens, happens. It holds back the fact that you might be nervous, and nervousness to a woman is never attractive.

But let’s leave all the techniques and whatnot, to the later sections. Its common knowledge that 80% of all self-thought is negative.

So anytime you desire to do something, if you consult your brain, it will most likely talk you out of it. But the brain is a complicated difference engine. 

You must remember that sometimes you must control your brain, and not let it control you. Sometimes logical thinking will have devastating ramifications in the long run.

Don't let the fear of rejection from women keep you from love and happiness. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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