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4 Easy Ways to be More Assertive with Women

In this post, we will be discussing why women love assertive men, and ways to be more assertive to attract women. Get into the habit of asserting your own opinions, and making decisions about what to actually do on your dates.

assertive communication skills
Being Assertive
Decisions such as: Where to go on dates, what movie to watch, which restaurant to eat at, and what time and day to have the date. 

Of course you can be considerate and ask for her preferences, what I'm referring to is showing your assertiveness through a display of leadership skills. I have never come across a woman that wants a follower, women want leaders.


Assertiveness, Self-Assurance And Leadership Skills in Men

No, you do not have to be the boss in a street gang nor a commanding officer in the military or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company(not to say those things aren't helpful), the specific leadership skills I'm talking about is leadership skills in a possible relationship.

Women aren't attracted to men with no backbone, or guys who aren't self-assured enough to make decisions and stick with them.

Here are a few ways men can be more assertive:

1. The restaurant brings you "not exactly what you ordered", politely tell the waiter so, most guys would not say anything, and that's the exact attitude that will let people think they can walk all over you, if you don't speak up. 

Please remember that human beings, generally just can't help themselves to walk over someone that presents themselves as a doormat.

2. The boss insists for the second weekend in a row for you to work overtime, again 'politely' and respectfully say "no, I can't". 

He will respect you more in the long run, and he might begin to ask more for your input, cause he knows you're self-assured enough to speak your mind.(please use proper judgment, I'm not keen on possibly getting someone fired here)

3. Be more direct with what you want from people, if you set a date with a woman, calmly tell her to be on time, if she fails to do so, again calmly tell her "this probably won't work if you're not punctual". 

This sends her the right messages. I've had many successes saying this to a woman, it also gives them a challenge, which women enjoy.

4. Improve and control what your eyes convey to other people, you can receive a magnitude of information from what you glean from someones eyes. 

assertiveness skills
being more assertive
Some people are so trained and/or observant, they can tell if you're upset, offended, nervous, unsteady, inebriated, unsure, resentful, impatient and the list goes on and one.

Oh, and women are observant as a hawk with a telescope.

It's should be easy to see why women love assertive men. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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  1. Yes, they do.And your tips and tricks are really useful. But, umm. You need to find a beautiful woman first, lol. Worst part is first part. Meeting and getting attention from that woman. And in most dating apps, beautiful women receive hundreads of "Hey" messages from many random dudes, so it's not easy to make her pay attention to you.

    Only a few dating apps like Tinder or Watme eliminates those random dudes so you can meet and date a beautiful woman.

    I am leaving links here, it isn't like I am advertising those huge companies by including their links on comments, so don't think this as a spam please :)




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