Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Build Self Confidence in a Relationship

how to get self confidence
confidence building
If I would have to choose one great quality that attracts women, it would be, hands down, confidence.

There is no substitute to winning the affections of women than genuine confidence. 

Easier said than done, I know. It took me awhile to build up my confidence enough to even talk to women.

But trust me, it's like riding a bike or learning how to swim, once you learn to communicate with women properly and effectively, you'll never forget. 

If you're starting without much confidence, you'll have to begin with yourself. Learn to value yourself, because if you fail to, how do you expect a woman to value you? 

Embrace a new attitude, be proud of the things that you are good at, and develop the mindset that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve it. 

Sometimes it's worthwhile and effective to exhibit the outward symptoms of confidence to give you a head start. It's "fake until you make it", so to speak.

Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence:

how to gain self confidence
building self confidence
  • Make new editions to your wardrobe, dressing a little better and differently than you usually do will signify change, not just to others, but most importantly to yourself. Have a female friend help with your new clothes, fresh, stylish attire will boost your self-esteem and propel you in the right direction
  • Following up on your new fashionable digs, consider a hairstyle change. The idea is to rid yourself of any trepidation, or self-doubt that you can change. When you look in the mirror, your eyes will see change and your mind will follow suit.
  • Learn to speak up for yourself, have your own opinions and contribute to conversations around you, with the people around you. Life isn't a spectator sport, you have to get your ass and get in motion. (That's another point I will get into later, that men with no goals or exhibit little passion for life never end up with great women)
  • When you walk into a room, other people will consciously and subconsciously make a note of how you carry yourself, especially women. It's just a fact of life that most humans will sum you up in less then a few minutes, it's a shame, and I understand that can suck. But what you are in control of is the few minutes you get to make a lasting impression. Wall tall and proud, and slowly, don't just zip across the room. Don't flail your arms or cross them, be relaxed and take time and pride in every stride.
how to improve confidence
improving self confidence
  • Exercise and make a goal to get more fit, a better body image of yourself will go a long way to an increased sense of self worth. Additionally, you'll achieve a small goal, and reaching small goals will lead to bigger goals. Most people who are healthy and physically fit have a better chance of maintaining confidence, success in all facets of life, and a more fruitful connection with women. 

These are simple ways to improve your self confidence in a relationship. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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