Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 Simple ways Men can Respect Women Better

Always be respectful of a woman you're dating, very important factor to a woman if you'll possibly be kept around for the long haul.

Why respect is important to women
women need to be respected
A woman that is worth your time and adoration will demand respect, especially from possible boyfriend material. 

I've had plenty of 'bad boy' friends that picked up women constantly, but never really had meaningful relationships. 

I believe for the most part by way of observation, their continual disrespectful behavior ruins it for them.

I think it's perfectly okay to be a bad boy, even advantageous when it comes to attracting women. However, without a sufficient amount of tact, sensitivity and respect, a quality woman won't stick around.

I want to reiterate that I write about issues and advice for men to attract, date, and land in stable, healthy relationships, not pick up women for fornication purposes.

Not to say fornication can't be apart of a healthy relationship, it actually helps to have a high degree on intimacy with your partner.

Moving on..When I say "respect", I mean respect for a woman's time, for her feelings, and respect for her space.

How to Treat a Woman with Respect

  • Treat her like a person, not an object. There's nothing more resentful to a woman than finally figuring out that she's nothing more to you than a conquest or another notch on a belt. I've seen this first hand, and it's never pretty. So avoid this altogether by meeting and dating women you're actually attracted to..mind and body.
  • Give her unique and appropriate compliments. Is there something in particular that she excels at? Is she funny in a one-of-a-kind way? Does she put together the kinds of outfits that highlights her adorableness? Tell her so.. These observant and unique compliments does wonders in sending her the right messages about you.
  • Know when to give her personal space. Woman that live productive and vibrant lives have other things to do, other friends to touch base with, a career to focus on, grades to keep up, hobbies to partake in, etc. When you're constantly calling her or asking what she's doing, it sends the wrong messages to her. Unless you're in a mutually loving, head over heels relationship, learn to mitigate your eagerness.

Another great way I incorporate showing a woman I can be respectful is to introduce her to my mother or my sister(after a sufficient amount of good dates of course, and established mutual feelings).

how to respect a woman you love
Respect a woman you love
This always pushes my status with a love interest into steady boyfriend contention.

When a woman sees that I treat my Mother and sisters with the utmost of respect and consideration, she'll be keen on getting closer to me.

I'm certain this will do the trick for you, and serve only to build your confidence in the relationship.

These are simple ways men can respect women better and get closer to their love interests. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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