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How to use Body Language to Attract Women

Using Body Language to Attract Women

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This post will deal with using body language to attract women, which is in part the physical aspect of sexual communication.

Body language is very, very critical for building chemistry and sexual tension. Without sexual tension there's a slim chance for intimacy. 

In conjunction with body language, we will discuss how to take things to a more physical level with reduced risk of rejection.

Eye Contact to Attract Women


You’ve probably heard of the importance of eye contact, but let’s clarify its role and significance. First rule of eye contact, do not dart your eyes around from object to object, this oozes of nervousness and insecurity.

Eye contact also reveals how secure you are in yourself, what kind of self esteem you’re working with and most important how confident you are. When locking eye contact with a woman, hold your gaze.

As you make initial eye contact with a woman, do not look away until she looks away first. This sends all the right messages to a woman.

It shows that you’re confident, that you’re not afraid of her, and it sets up a better chance she will be more susceptible to your advances. 

Last pointer on eye contact, move your eyes slower and blink less.

Using Proper Posture to Attract Women

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Wherever you go, walk tall, walk as if you’re the most confident man alive. Raise your chest at a comfortable level, square your shoulders, and hold your head up high. Never look down to the floor.

Walk slowly; never speed around like you’re in a rush. A man that takes his time walking shows self confidence and sophistication.

When you sit across from a woman, never lean forward. Always lean back, relax, and be comfortable with your surroundings.

No quirky movements with your limbs, and do not fiddle with small inanimate objects,such as your keys, a pen, etc.

Men who look to the sides are nervous, lying, or distracted. Your body cues tell everything a woman needs to know about you, women are very observant.

Male Voice Tone to Attract Women

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Voice tone can works miracles. From my personal experience I knew this fact long before I read and researched about it. I would use a certain voice tone on women that just made them “weak in the knees”.

That’s quoted from a girl I went out with a while ago. “Weak in the knees" Powerful stuff guys, powerful. If you have an unusually high-pitched voice, try to deepen your voice by speaking from your chest and stomach.

High pitch tones to a woman’s eardrums are by no means, sexy. Your voice pattern should flow like music to her ears, use voice tone as a sexual weapon.

Voice tone also conveys confidence, and we all know by now how important confidence is, don’t we? Learn to pause during some conversations, it makes everything you’re saying more dramatic. 

Body Language and Communication

People who continually cross their arms and legs are shunning themselves to social interactions. Try keeping your limbs relaxed and from fidgeting. You’re shooting for a calm and collected mindset.

However some people just cross their arms as a habit, it may just mean that the person is reserved, or just cold. Use proper judgment.

If a person rests their arms behind their head or neck, they are genuinely open to what is being discussed.

There are some women that may point their feet to the direction of where they want to go or sometimes their interest. So if her feet are pointing at you, she may possibly be romantically interested.

Pay special attention to changes in body language rather than the body language itself. Be mindful of your own body language, see what message you’re giving off.

Mastering your body language will help you get to more second dates.

Hopefully, you have a better idea on how to use body language to attract women. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and/or your social network, thanks for visiting, also you're most welcome to follow me!

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